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Letter to an Ex-Boyfriend - Funny Pranks

Letter to an Ex-boyfriend
Yeah, we couldn't stand him either. We understand! Help him understand with this letter of love loathing!

What is your name?

What is his name?

Name a large vehicle of any kind:

Name a small rodent:

Name a parasite that lives on your skin:

Name a foreign currency:

Name a foreign city:

Name a cheap American beer:

Name your ex-boyfriend's favorite football team:

Name your ex-boyfriend's favorite luxury car:

Name a male garment (plural):

Name an incurable disease:

What is his mother's first name:

What is his sister's (or cousin's) first name?:

Name a single, male hunk:

Name an upcoming holiday:

Name a car or other item he damaged:

How much did that cost you? $:

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