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Letter to an Ex-girlfriend - Funny Pranks

Letter to an Ex-girlfriend
So you finally broke up with her... 'bout damn time! Send her this letter to let her know you're getting along in life just fine without her...

What is your name?

What is the name of your ex?

Name an ugly animal::

Name an obscure historical figure:

Name an exotic city:

Name a sexually transmitted disease:

Think of a synonym for enormous:

Name a small animal:

Name things she trashed or lost of yours:

A physical defect of your ex-girlfriend:

Name the first name of her sister or mom:

Name a gorgeous movie or TV star (Her FIRST name):

The last name of the gorgeous movie or TV star you just wrote:

Name a glamorous third world country:

Name an exotic drink:

Name an upcoming holiday:

How much does she owe you? $:

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