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Letter from the Grandma - Funny Pranks

My dear grandchildren:

As they haven't turn off the lights, I thought about writing to you and telling you how I am.

It has been six months since I came to this asylum. Do you remember the first one you sent me more than 2 years ago? Well, they put me out of there because you didn't pay the amount that you had agreed... No problem, you must have forgotten, for sure, with all the things that you have to do... As this is a benefaction asylum, the food is not very good and it's only once a day; besides, we have a serious problem with insects and bugs, but Thanks God,we have learnt how to live with them. There is a TV for the 250 elderly who live in the 30 rooms, even though it's always broken and I don't have much free time, because there aren't almost any employees, so it's my responsability to wash the bathrooms every day.

The only friend that I had, died last month, poor one! It seems that the cold showers were not good for her. Nowadays everybody is a little younger than me, less than 90. My bunk mate doesn't talk a lot because she has an advanced kind of cancer and every night she spreads a terrible smell in the room. That's because they change her diaper only once a day, if they remember; the poor lady spends all day dirtying everything that is on her way. That's why I asked for a change of my bed and since yesterday I'm sleeping on the top of the bunk. Well, I have fallen down a couple of times and I think I already have some broken bones because I can't tolerate the pain.

Besides these little things, I'm ok, and I'm happy that all of you, and also your parents have had a lot of success. Unfortunately you are so busy that you couldn't come to sse me during this whole year. With so much time without seeing me, I think that someone of you dont'remember me very well... that's why I'm sending you a photo so you can remember and you'll know what I feell for all of you.

Always thinking of you,

The Grandma

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