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A Message from God - Funny Pranks

Once God was looking at the Earth and felt really sad, because all the evil things that were happening there.

So, He decide to send one of his Angels of trust to check if all the humanity was bad or only some of it.

When the Angel got back he said to God:

'IŽve got some bad news for You: the humanity is in its majority evil. To be more specific: 95% is evil and only 5% is good. '

God was so angry that he thought about destroying every evil person living on Earth. But He thought: Before taking this drastic decision, IŽll send another Angel in order to have a second opinion.'

So God called another Angel of trust and sent him to Earth for a little while.

When the Angel got back he presented himself before God and told him:

'Yes, the Earth is in decadence, 95% are evil and 5% are good people. Here, this is the list and email addresses from the 5% of good people'

God was really angry, so he decided to finally destroy the majority of humanity who was evil, but before he asked his Angel to send an email to the 5% of the humanity that was going to survive

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