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Joke: Halloween Funnies

[Cat.: Miscelaneous ] [Clasif.:a] [ Calif.: 3.2]

What do Skeletons say before eating? Bone Appetite.

What do blondes and Jack-O-Lanterns have in common? Both have blank expressions and are hollow inside.

Why did the Vampire get fired from the Blood Bank? He was caught drinking on the job.

Why do ghosts have so much trouble dating? Women can see right through them.

Why are Vampires Democrats? They wanted Gore in 2000.

What kind of clothes do Zombies wear? Decay NY.

Why aren't there any famous skeletons? They're a bunch of no bodies.

What kind of music do Mummies listen to? Wrap.

What do you call a guy turned on by a witch? Scared stiff.

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