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Joke: The Bear, the Squirrel and the Magic Lamp

[Cat.: Animals ] [Clasif.:b] [ Calif.: 2.9]

A bear and a squirrel are walking through their forest community and they stumble upon a magic lamp under the dirt.

Now this magic lamp has been covered in dirt for years and it was glad to be saved, so since the lamp was in such a good mood, he would grant EACH of them three wishes. So he asked who wanted to go first.

Now Bear, being the eager, young creature that he was, went first.

"What do you want for your first wish"? He asked.

Bear replied, i wish, that the hot female bear that lives next to me, was crazy in love with me.

BOOM. it was done.

Sqirrel's wish was for a helmet.

"A helmet"! Said Bear?!?! "You can get anything and you want a helmet?"

Bear's next wish was for all the female bears in the forest be really hot and all like him.

BOOM it was done

Squirrel's second wish was a motercycle. Again bear was dumbfounded but carried on to his third wish.

"Actually, I want every bear in the forest to be female, hot, and really like me" said Bear.

The lamp granted the wish and...

BOOM. it was done

It was Squirrel's final wish,

"What would you like me to grant you for your final wish" the lamp asked.

After much consideration, Squirrel finaly answered.

"I wish Bear was gay"

And with that, he rode off.

- Contribution of: Jamie - ca

(2.9 stars, 30 votes)

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