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Joke: Your soooo dumb...

[Cat.: Dumb people ] [Clasif.:a] [ Calif.: 3.3]

You got locked in a grocery store and starved to death!

A doctor would live next door while you bleed to death trying to call 911!

You cant count to 21 because you its too high for your fingers and toes!

You used a knife to bust open the door then discoverd it was unlocked!

You were in a food market and asked where they keep the tools!

You put lipstick on the dog to test because the bottle said Not tested on animals and dicided to try it yourself!

You looked for a K-Jewelers by a K-B-Toys!

You stared at your kids juice box because it said concentrated!

You kept buying Coke bottles because it kept sayin Try Again!

You cant figure out the instructions for a pencil sharpener!

You decided not to buy your little girl a game boy because you thought it was for boys!

You looked in an Encyclopedia for the meaning of Practical joke and couldnt find it!

You then looked in a Dictionary for the meaning of practical jokes and it said turn to Spare time and it said 2Wasted time and to turn to practical joke and, repeated, repeated, repeated...

You couldnt find the zipper for your pants!

- Contribution of: Crystal, call me mast - us

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