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Joke: Panda

[Cat.: Animals ] [Clasif.:c] [ Calif.: 3.7]

A panda walks into a pub and sits down for a drink. While he's downing his pint, he looks across and sees a beautiful woman at the end of the bar, so he pulls up a stool next to her. They talk for awhile and hit it off.

Then the panda says," God, I could go for a bite to eat," and the woman says she will buy him a meal. Back at her place after the fulfilling meal, one thing leads to another, and the panda ends up having sex with the woman.

In the morning as the panda is about to leave, the woman says to him, "Hey wait a sec, I'm a prostitute." Seeing the baffled expression on the Panda's face she tells him to look it up in the dictionary.

So the Panda looks up "prostitute," and the definition says, "Takes money for sex."

After reading this, the panda relaxes and says, "That's all right because I'm a panda."

The woman, confused, looks up "panda" in the dictionary and reads the definition: "Eats shoots and leaves."

(3.7 stars, 360 votes)

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