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Joke: You Better Write It Down

[Cat.: Old People ] [Clasif.:a] [ Calif.: 3.5]

This elderly couple is sitting on a park bench in front of a large pond. On the other side of the pond are vendors selling all types of snacks and food. The wife turns to hubby and says, "I could really go for an ice cream cone."

Hubby replies, "Well, I'll go get you one."

Wife says, "But, you'll forget, you better write it down."

Hubby replies, "No I won't; what do you want?"

Wife says, "Get me a Strawberry cone with chocolate sprinkles."

Hubby replies, "Okay, strawberry cone with chocolate sprinkles. See, I'll remember."

Several hours pass and, finally, the hubby returns.

The wife asks him, "What took you so long, did you get lost?"

The hubby replies, "No, and I got what you wanted."

The wife opens the bag to discover a cheeseburger and fries!

Wife says, "I knew you you should have written the order down."

Hubby says, "What do you mean - isn't everything in there?"

To which the wife replies, "No, it's not...look, you forgot the pickles!"

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