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Short Religion Jokes - The Funniest Short Jokes and One Liners

And then Budda says to the hot dog vendor: "Make me one with everything."
(3.7 stars, 17 votes)

If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of food.
(3.3 stars, 21 votes)

a rabbi went to god and said Žo god what i shall do? my son became a christian now. god said: mine too. the rabbi said: what did you do then? god: new testament. i`m not sure if this joke functions in english language testament has in german the double meaning `last will (manfred)
(2.4 stars, 21 votes)

Atheism is a non-prophet organization. (George Carlin)
(3.7 stars, 23 votes)

What can you say about a society that says God is dead and Elvis is alive?
(3.2 stars, 24 votes)

Could you imagine if God turns out to be a woman?
Not only am I going to hell, but I will never know why.
(3.6 stars, 25 votes)

How do you get holy water?
Boil the hell out of it.
(3.8 stars, 31 votes)

A rabbi, a priest, and a bishop walk into a bar.
The bartender says, "What is this, some kind of joke?"
(3.7 stars, 39 votes)

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