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Short Sorority Jokes - The Funniest Short Jokes and One Liners

Why does a sorority girl close her eyes during sex?
So she can fantasize about shopping.
(3.7 stars, 3 votes)

What is the first thing a sorority girl does in the morning?
Introduces herself and / or walks home.
(3.8 stars, 4 votes)

What's the difference between a sorority girl and a Rolls Royce?
Not everybody has been in a Rolls Royce.
(3.5 stars, 4 votes)

Why is a sorority girl like railroad tracks?
Cause she's been laid all over the country.
(3.0 stars, 4 votes)

Why does a sorority girl wear underwear?
To keep her ankles warm.
(3.0 stars, 5 votes)

What does a sorority girl put behind her ears to make her look more attractive?
Her ankles.
(2.6 stars, 5 votes)

How do you know when a sorority girl is a nymphomaniac?
She'll make love the same day she had her hair done.
(2.4 stars, 5 votes)

Why is a sorority girl like a door knob?
Cause everybody gets a turn.
(3.7 stars, 6 votes)

What is a sorority girls mating call?
"I'm sooooooo drunk, I'm sooooooo drunk."
(3.2 stars, 6 votes)

How can you tell if a sorority girl has achieved orgasm?
She drops her nail file
(3.0 stars, 6 votes)

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