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The Corruption Test

The Corruption Test
So everybody on the block thinks you're just the sweetest thing since cheesecake was invented... Girl's consider you 'like a big brother' or the guys think 'I bet she's a bore in the sack.'

Don't worry, we don't believe 'em either! And here's your chance to show prove it to them, once and for all!

This test takes about 10 minutes, and then we'll break down your scores compared to those of thousands of others! We'll even show you what the opposite sex is up to!
1:   Ever laughed at someone else's misfortune?
2:   Ever tried alcohol?
3:   Ever been drunk?
4:   Ever drink enough to throw up?
5:   Ever wake up and not remember what you did the night before?
6:   Ever been forceably removed from a bar?
7:   Do you drink regularly? (at least three times a week)
8:   Ever try pot, hash or magic mushrooms?
9:   Do you do drugs regularly?
10:   Ever been stoned or drunk for more than 48 hours?
11:   Ever been on a date?
12:   Ever had sexual intercourse?
13:   Ever had a bath or shower with the opposite sex?
14:   Ever paid for sex?
15:   Ever taken advantage of someone while they were stoned or drunk?
16:   Ever perform oral sex on someone of the opposite sex?
17:   Ever engaged in anal sex?
18:   Ever engaged in a '69'?
19:   Ever contracted an STD?
20:   Ever had sex without a contraceptive?
21:   Ever had or knowingly been responsible for an abortion?
22:   Ever had sex with two or more partners in a week?
23:   Ever had sex with more than one person at a time?
24:   Ever had sex in a public place?
25:   Ever engage in sexual activity with a memeber of the same sex?
26:   Ever used sex toys?
27:   Ever been responsible for losing someone else's virginity?
28:   Ever bought something in a sex shop?
29:   Ever have sex with a relative?
30:   Ever been arrested?
31:   Finally, are you male or female?

If you answered this test before, you can go to the results accumulated up to now.

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