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The Love-o-meter

The Love-o-meter
So your friends believe you are a sexual pervert? You have nothing else than sex in your head? Your lovelife is a mess? ˇFind some answers with the Love-o-meter!
1:   Have you 'done it' in the last 30 days?
2:   Do you like holding hands in public?
3:   Do you think French kissing is wonderful?
4:   Are you in favor of premarital sex?
5:   Do you prefer having sex with the lights on?
6:   Have you ever had a sex with someone you just had met?
7:   Are you multi-orgasmic?
8:   Do you believe in love at first sight?
9:   Have you ever had cyber lovin?
10:   Do Lesbians arouse you?
11:   Do you fantasize about celebrities?
12:   Are you naked right now?
13:   Male or Female?

If you answered this test before, you can go to the results accumulated up to now.

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